Thursday, April 5, 2012


Things have been crazy with school, work, and hanging with new and old friends. Here are pictures of my new friend just us being us.

Me wearing his glasses

I was trying to do the same face and started laughing right as he took the pic

After school one day
Do not ask me what I am doing
Fun in the car
Me driving

Goofing off

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I started collage on Jan 9. I was way scared to start but as soon as I got there and settled in I felt just fine and good! All I am taking is math english and institute. I go mon thru thus than go to work after I get done with classes. I am loving be at school it really is soo much better than hs! Cant wait to keep going and having new adventures!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am famouse on mormon messages for youth!!

We went on trek the summer of 2010 and while we were there we had a peresinal camara crew there! to find out after trek it was for the church and this is what they did with it so our stake is in the mormon messages for youth! I thought it was way cool and my feet are in it lots and am in the womens pull! I have a pink shirt on and my skirt and bonet are brown with poka dots on it. (sorry this is kinda late but did not know how to link the video on)

New Calling

Today I had the first activity in rs as with my new calling. my new calling is to help with the rs activity help plan them and every thing. I am excited to keep this calling going! Today I helped with set up and take down the activity we had today which was just a little glimps of what we are to do but I had fun and cant wait to plan the rest of the activitys and keep going to them! This is an excting calling to have and I am excited and happy that I get to be a part of this calling right now!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girls Camp

This time I decided that I did not want to sit here and say all the things that we did at camp it ends up being way too long and I did not get any pictures so it would be boring.
I loved going to girls camp this year! I am glad that I made the decision to go no matter if I would have felt out of place. It ended up that I felt like I was to be there and had so much fun with the girls which makes me sad that I dont get to know those new little beehives even more cuz they were so cute and fun to have at camp! I think I was meant to go to camp this year to help me to feel the saviors love and to remind me that he is there for me and that he loves me and will help me out through those hard times in life I just have to ask him! Up at camp the missionaries and every body calls heber vally girls camp the temple on the mountain or the temple with out a roof and I really felt that and makes me want to go to the temple and have my happily ever after (which was are theme for camp)! My testimony really grew over the week at camp and I am soo glad that I was able to go and have that opportunity the whole week!

Friday, June 3, 2011


June 2, 2011 at 9 in the morning is when my graduation started. we were all standing in the tunnel an hour before it started, we were standing in alphabetically and we were just talking about how we could not believe it was really here! Luckily my friend Rachel was not too far from me so I was talking to her most of the time. It was finally time to walk to our seats with no falls from me, the ceremony started. we has some good talks ones that encured us for our futures and ones that reminded us of the great year that we have had! finally time to walk! we walked, one thing that our school does is that we give the principal something. last year they gave him marbles and this year we gave him little monkeys to put in his office of the graduating class. we did it westlake class of 2011 is now graduated! When it was over we went outside and got lots of pictures and my diploma! After we went to my aunts house and had a bbq. Later that night I went to the senior all nighter. We started at the school and watched a comedy sports thing which was funny and then went to trafalga tell 4 in the morning. I was not sure that I would be able to find stuff to do that long to keep me up, but that was not the case there was more than plenty to do. We finally got home about 4 30, I was up 23 hours that day, made for a long day. I had so much fun and was an amazing day!

Before graduation as we were at our seats waiting to sit down.
I am now a graduate!

Sarah and here 2 cute boys.

Hold on mom I am on the phone :)

We did it!

My favorite girls thanks for coming

Kylee and me

This one is totally who we are the princess, who knows what, and just plain cute

All the sisters in the age line

well us being us!

here let me help you with that or make it worse!

dad me and mom

" hey dont take it!" "hahah it is mine!"

my cute balloons my mom got me

the 2 graduates!

Road trip? Yup lets go!

May 28 Sarah her little family vanessa and I went to the copper mine. It was cool how big it was. As we were there we were talking to vanessa and asking her what she wanted to see still and she said that she wanted to see some natinal parks so sarah and her husband was thing that we should go. we went home and they looked things up to see if it would be possible and everything. It all worked out and we left at 6 and we stayed in st gorge. In the morning we went to zions and did the bus tour through it and we got done earlier than we expected so we went to bryce and saw the look out. we went to the hotel and stayed the night. In the morning we went to arches and hiked up to delicate arch. It was amazing how big it was and were it was. It was on the edge of a rock. Last but not least we made our way down to manti to see the manti temple and ate dinner with adams family and home we went. It was a fun last min trip that I will remember for a life time. I was glad that we had the opportunity to go on that trip with some awesome people!

Baby mason and I just hanging out in the hotel

Vanessa and I at Bryce

The huge tier for the trucks in the copper mine.